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My song is not a wack song, says Yaa-Naara.


Yaa-Naara, who appeared on Zaa Kootu to have her turn on the hot seat, answered tough questions that many Cherished viewers of Zaa TV Ghana described as the “most grilled guest” ever on the program dubbed Zaa Kootu.

You will recall that Bala Zaaku recently released Sama Noli, which happens to be one of the biggest local songs to have ever been released in the music space in Northern Ghana. It touched almost everyone, especially given the economic circumstances in which many Ghanaians find themselves. The song Sama Noli went viral, and many social media users even used it to make funny videos just to paint the picture of how many people have incurred losses rather than gains by having Nana Addo as President. Some on the same social media have simply inferred from Bala Zaaku’s banger as a means to cry out to all and sundry that “Ghanaians have sold their color televisions for a black and white model.”

Yaa-Naara was questioned by the most popular all-time artist and the host of the most watched edu-info-entertainment talk show program to hit Northern Ghana, Kawastone, about whether her song “Tuma Noli” was actually a response to the allegation that the ruling New Patriotic Party sponsored her to react to the local rhythmic hit maker Bala Zaaku, and that many even described it as a “wack song.” Yaa-Naara, in quick response to Bra Rashid, also known as Kawastone, said, “My song is not a WACK song so far as members of the NPP who I made the song for haven’t said so.”

She went further to reveal that she had composed several songs for many NPP members, including Abibata Shani, Chief Executive Officer; MASLOC; Farouk Aliu Mahama, Hon. Member of Parliament for Yendi; and even the NDC as a party.

For those of you who missed this intriguing interview with Yaa-Naara, you can still make time for the repeat on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 10 a.m.

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