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Put your feet on the ground to help the NDC annex power from the Sama Noli government- Lawyer Jofa urges.


Lawyer Alhassan Abdul Fatawu (Lawyer Jofa) charged the energized youth at the maiden Youth Wing health walk in Yendi to put their feet on the ground for the NDC to annex power from the Sama Noli government, to wit, “overburden the debt government.”

He also sent a message of hope for the youth from the former President, HE John Dramani Mahama, assuring the youth of being the next focus of his government come January 2025, when he assumes office as the next President of the Republic.
He did not mince words but called for a peaceful campaign in the impending parliamentary and presidential primaries. He said, “We, the three contestants, are natives of Yendi and die-hard members of the NDC.” We should conduct a decorous campaign so that the victorious team after the contest would not have to waste time chasing after unity among the contesting teams. “Politics is a game of ideas, and that is what we must exhibit in this contest.”

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