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The Road to Making a Football Dream a Reality: Abdallah vs. Prince Mukadi:


Many young players in most geographically disadvantaged places are locked up with their God-given talents simply because they haven’t had the opportunity or someone to bring them to the limelight. In such circumstances, young, bright people and local communities suffer immensely, as does the nation.

When they lose the opportunity and are compelled to indulge in social vices, these already impoverished areas endure the brunt of the consequences.

Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni, the renowned sports journalist at Zaa Multimedia, appears to understand this and has since been doing his best to ensure that these poor, talented youth footballers in the Northern Region, particularly in the rural districts, are discovered and given the opportunity to put their talent to use through the media space.

Against this backdrop, he discovered a little boy of ten years old named Abdul Razak Abdallah, who is an amputee young footballer attending Tiyumba Primary School and has a strong desire to play for Liverpool.

He was spotted a few weeks ago by a young, promising sports journalist at Zaa Multimedia, Mukadi Halid Prince , who has everything it takes to become one of the future FIFA journalists and commentators. Prince Mukadi has since been following, monitoring, and giving him media exposure to enable him to realize his dreams of playing from Black Pool, an amateur football club in Tamale, to reaching the heights of international football at Liverpool.

Kindly share what you make of Abdallah’s talents with hundreds of thousands of people out there, not only to put a smile on his face but to help him realize his dreams.

Source; Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni
Zaa Multimedia Sports Presenters/Journalists

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