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The Electoral Commission (EC) in the Northern region says it has received all the materials and equipment to be used in this year’s general elections on December 7, 2020.

According to the Regional Director of the EC, Lucas Yiryel, everything is set for the 2020 elections and all  staff and volunteers have also received training across the region for a successful elections come December 7, 2020.

“In terms of preparations I will tell you that we are adequately prepared for the election. We have gone through all the training from the regional level to the District level in the region. Currently, we have received all the material that is required for the election. The ballot papers are in in their quantity and the quality, the registers are in, the BVDs are in,” Mr. Yuryil assured.

Mr. Yulyil further said the materials and the equipment have been dispatched to the various District with ballot papers being kept at the police armory for safe keeping.

He revealed that this year’s elections will be more advanced in terms of technology than previous elections with the hope that the BVDs that will be used for the elections wouldn’t be problematic.

“We expect that the BVDs that will be used for this year’s election, we will not have much problem of fingers being rejected or people not being verified. If your finger prints are not verified, we have the facial recognition and that is the first time we are going to have the facial recognition to identify voters.”

He added the EC has reduced the number of voters assigned at each voting center to speed up counting of ballots at the end of the elections and declaration of same.

“We have threshold which is very low and the number of voters that are assigned to each polling station are very manageable. So we expect that results will be declared early because they are not going to be dealing with a large number like in the past. That is why we are targeting that in 24hrs we will be able to declare the results,” Mr. Yuryil affirmed.

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