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N/R: King Yellow calls for unity to end divisions in the NDC party. 


Godfred Apasinaba Wumbei, who is popularly known as King Yellow, and his team in the northern region has finally called on all their supporters at a press conference to remain united and put an end to the numerous divisions that have characterized the party and the region in the past.

Speaking at the press conference, King Yellow recounted the region’s lost glories but was quick to pledge to work with the current northern regional executives of the party in order to bring back that glory “through unity, mobilization, and open discussion with the grassroots.”

King Yellow further urged, in his presentation, the Electoral Commission and the security agencies to remain neutral in the discharge of their duties. “We are always ready to protect every single ballot in the upcoming general election.” He stated

He implored all party members in the region to ensure unity in the party and reminded them of the popular saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

In addition to being present at the press conference, the Regional Chairman, Hon. Adolf Ali, expressed his excitement about King Yellow’s decision and gave him his assurance that he would continue to consult with other regional stakeholders in order to move the region forward with a shared vision for the 2024 general elections.

Many of the NDC’s supporters within the region believe that by taking this step, the umbrella fraternity as a whole will be motivated to put aside their differences and work together to achieve the NDC’s victory.

You may remember how upset King Yellow was when he lost the last NDC regional chairman election to Hon. Ali Adolf by just 11 votes. King Yellow and his supporters threatened to challenge the outcome of the election because they were unhappy with the results. Thus, yesterday’s press conference was intended to put the past behind them.

This was shared by many NDC supporters on some of the party’s social media accounts, particularly their Facebook sites, where Zaa MultiMedia took it up.

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