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The GFA Disciplinary Committee’s sanction is too lenient -Prince Mukadi


Halid Prince Mukadi, the Head of Zaa Sports, has waded into the decision of the Ghana Football Association Disciplinary Committee that characterized betPawa Premier League Match week 25 between Aduana FC and Tamale City FC at Agyeman Badu Park in recent times. According to him, having read the investigative publication on the misconduct and juxtaposing the magnitude of the offense of Aduna FC against the sanction, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment at the GFA Disciplinary Committee as the sanction to him is so lenient and not deterrent enough, to say the least. He opined. 

“I am struggling to come to terms with the decision of the Committee to impose a fine of GHC 20,000 on a team that launched an unprovoked attack on the playing body of the team or bus they won against.” He lamented.
He criticized the leaders at the helm of affairs at the Ghana Football Association Disciplinary Committee, and for him, they are gradually killing the love for the game with these overt discriminations and favoritism. He has stated that “placing some teams above others is a recipe for retrogression and backwardness.”
In his opinion as a sports journalist, Aduana FC should have been handed a 10-game home ban and had a GHC 200,000 fine imposed on them to serve as a stronger deterrent than the one imposed on them.
“Football fans deserve better than what they’re experiencing now.” He reiterated.

He said several questions have lingered in his mind since the publication of the outcome of the investigations, and he is wondering if: Will the fine erase the scars some members of the playing body sustained during the attack? Can this fine restore the points that were stolen? Does the fine not corroborate the long-held suspicion that the Aduana Stars have the support of some high-

profile personalities in the GFA who will stop at nothing to ensure that the team is always favored? Is Aduana FC more special than all the teams in the GPL? Can it restore the depleted credibility of the Ghana Premier League? In the unlikely event that another team commits a similar offense, would the DC mete out the same punishment to them?

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