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NADMO beset by problems accuses TAMA over its 5% share of the assembly’s annual budget.


imageResidents in the flood prone areas in the Tamale Metropolis will have to brace themselves for the hazards associated with floods for a while. This is because the only mandated institution to help address disaster problems, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is grappling with serious challenges.

The rented office that houses NADMO in Tamale has turned into a death trap and officers working there fear that their lives are in danger if government does not come to their aid. Deep cracks can be seen on the walls of the forestry commission owned building, and to make matter worse, the ceiling leaks any time it rains.

The wiring in the build is faulty, Alhaji Alhassan Quaye who is in charge of administration and finance at the Tamale metro NADMO office,  stated. “I had three electric shocks today because I didn’t know and laid my head against the wall,’’ the angry finance officer stated.

As a matter of fact, according to NADMO workers, the whole building is energized so officers stand the risk of being electrocuted if they touch the structure. The situation has compelled NADMO officers to prefer carrying out their duties outside to doing so inside. The agency accuses the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TAMA) of denying it its five percent share of the assembly’s annual budget.

The frustrated NADMO officers made a passionate appeal to residents in Tamale not to blame them for not carrying out their duty of coming to their aid any time disasters strike, but should rather put the blame on the door steps of the assembly. According to NADMO, they have alerted the assembly on possible disaster signs such as sign posts in most of the streets in the metropolis.

Alhaji Quaye told Zaa News that NADMO has written to the assembly on the nature of sign posts on some ceremonial streets such as the state street leading to the regional coordinating council popularly called “Sara Junction.”

NADMO officials, while, giving the breakdown of people affected by Monday’s rain, could not however sit in the comfort of their office after field work due to the dangerous nature of the office, Alhaji Quaye said.

He said the assembly lukewarm attitude towards disasters needs to stop. The  assembly is always the first to ask NADMO to present its budget so that the assembly can factor it into its annual budget before the central government releases money. But the assembly never releases its share, Quaye added.

The Tamale Metropolitan Coordinator of NADMO, Hajia Habiba Kassim blamed the Bilpiela flooding on the poor drainage system in the area.

She said her outfit is compiling a report for the regional NADMO office and that they will also officially write to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to look into the drainage system in the flood-prone areas. Responding to the NADMO concerns, the Public Relations Officer of assembly, Mr Issah Musah said the assembly has not reneged on its responsibility.

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