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New Law Firm in Tamale, Atuguba and Associates, to translate law into local languages in the north



A senior law lecturer at the University of Ghana law school, Professor Raymond Atuguba has hinted that his firm will soon translate the law into the local languages for the 3 regions of the north.

The Atuguba and Associates (A&A) firm and the Law and Development Associates (LADA) are not just a consortium of law firms but also concerned about development,  Professor Atuguba said, and will make  the law easy and accessible to the people in Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

“We are not just law firms but development organizations who will make  Ghana laws experimentable and let the people understand how law must ceased to be a set of lifeless, boring, constraining, meaningless rules.

The firms, professor Atuguba explained, is an incubator on how laws should be abiding, refreshing and liberating.

Speaking at the official inauguration of the LADA law firm in Tamale, professor Atuguba said LADA will focus on what the law seeks to prevent and not on what it seeks to promote.

The LADA office situated at Kanville near Gilbert a renowned firm that translates the bible into local languages was not by coincidental but strategic to make the law easy for the locals to understand Atuguba added.

He said great nations such as China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Korean and South Africa have one thing in common, their national languages are used along side international languages.

The translations of the law into local languages, he added is not just for fashion or sentimentalism but for self-actualization, community and national pride and preservation and development.

The renowned lawyer was confident that by next year, people from Accra will seek legal advice from a well groomed lawyers in Tamale.

Recounting his secondary schools days in Tamale in 1985, Professor Atuguba said he own it as a duty to let the people of Tamale benefit from his academic credentials in the area of law.

The Managing Director of LADA, Mr.Mark Amarfo said LADA and Atuguba and Associates look beyond providing legal services to clients with the highest legal standard.

“We believe that law and order are the foundation for development,” he said.

LADA according to the Mr Amarfo is currently reviewing Ghana’s Children Act and the Juvenile Act for possible amendments or consolidation of all laws in the Juvenile justice system.

Ten percent of the firms’s cases will be pro bono, free. The percentage he hinted is likely to increase for special reasons for the three regions of the north. And for clients lacking  financial resources, the firm will represent them until justice is served, he emphasized.



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