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Clients may pay legal fees with yams and fowls, veteran lawyer tells new law firm



A respected legal luminary in the northern region, Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama has urged the people in the region to make good use of Law and Development Associates (LADA) and Atuguba and Associates Law firm’s new office in Tamale.

In his view even though Tamale now has other law firms, those  cannot be compared to LADA and A&A law firms because of  its international clients and the caliber of its personnel.

It is for this reason that Lawyer Ibrahim encouraged residents to take advantage of the legal services and also learn more about the legal profession.

Sharing his experience at the new law offices in Tamale, Lawyer Ibrahim recounted his early days in 1961 practicing law when Tamale got its first resident law firm, E.O Appiah who opened a very small office which he said looked like a farm hut because people in the north were seeking lawyers services from Kumasi.

According to lawyer Ibrahim Mahama, Lawyer A.A. Lutterodt , a native of the north followed suit with an office in 1964 and he opened his own in 1993.

The revered lawyer in advising LADA and Atuguba and associates urged them to exercise maximum patience because the people are not economically sound like those in Accra or their international clients in Europe and America where there are rich and big companies.

“Tamale itself is not going to be capable of contracting your services immediately because we are just aren’t wealthy,” he said.

He continued: “Don’t be surprised if clients come and say that they have bundle of yam and guinea fowls as legal fees.” He asked the law firm not to lose hope and regret its decision to locate an office in the city but keep working hard to increase its pools of clients.

In due course, Tamale, he said, will be transformed into the center of Ghana and attract lots of people because of its rich hospitality and culture and hundreds of tourist attractions dotted across the region, adding that will be time LADA will be in for a big surprise.

The paramount chief of Kumbungu, Naa Yiri, Iddrisu Abu I commended professor Atuguba’s outstanding performance in the legal profession in Ghana.

The Kumbun Naa who was a member of the 1992 constitution review commission said he learnt a lot from professor Atuguba then executive secretary of constitution review commission 2010-2012.

Professor Atuguba, the chief recollect was creative, dedicated and innovative throughout the process.




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