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Non-Formal Education Division Boss cries for help



The Director of Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) of the Ghana Education Service in the Northern Region, Mr. Abukari Sumani Mahamud has asked the central government and the ministry of education to pay attention to the needs of the Division.

Mr. Mahamud said the NFED is faced with numerous challenges which ultimately hinder the effective running of the unit.

Sharing the current difficulties facing NFED in an interview with Zaa News, Mr. Mahamud mentioned transportation problem among workers as the biggest challenge. ‘’Workers are unable to move around to facilitate the organization of classes due to the lack of transport,’’ he lamented.

The Division he said was understaffed and financially handicapped, hence the need for government to focus on the division.

NFED is a sub unit of the ministry of education which seeks to empower women and acknowledging the importance of education, learning and training which takes place outside recognized educational institutions. It is also to improve the living conditions of the illiterate adult, especially women.

According to the director, government used to have the progress and interest of NFED at heart which is no more the case. He also called on NGOs, and other benevolent organizations to come to their aid of NFED.

The mission and aim of NFED in the northern region Mr. Mahamud explained was to reduce the high level of illiteracy among adults in rural communities and to equip them with advanced information and functional skills.

The NFED northern director was not also happy that the division did not get its share of vehicles government recently distributed to some selected educational institutions in the country.

“The Ministry of education should try as much as possible to offer us some projects and programs since we are under the ministry,” Mr Abukari demanded.

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