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Northern region covid-19 cases hit 16


The case counts of the coronavirus in the northern region risen to 16, regional Health Director Dr John Eleeza has revealed.

The northern regional Public Health Laboratory which has been upgraded to covid-19 testing centers confirmed four positives out of over 300 samples sent to there.  

Among the 4 new positive cases were a kayaye returnee from Tolon and 3 from Wunlisi in the Nanumba South district of the northern region. 

 Northern Regional Health Director disclosed this the media at TTH after receiving PPE from the Agriculture Development Bank. One of the 3 cases from Wunlisi Dr Eleeza explained was not new but a repeat test on a patient under treated.

” Let me say that with the benefit of the new center we have gotten, the first that was run give us four positive cases, one from Tolon District and the remaining 3 are from Wunlisi ” Dr John B Eleeza stated.

“If they (GHS) official website for COVID-19 is updated, Northern Region figures should be 16 from 12″Dr Eleeza explained.

The director was grateful to government for listen to their cries in the difficulties in transporting samples to Kumasi for testing which normal hours.

The results from the Tamale testing center he added came within 24hoours.

Hitherto, the regional health Directorate was spending close to 1,000 Ghana cedis to transport samples from Tamale to Kumasi KCCR”, Dr Eleeza stated.

The regional health director was not happy about growing stigmatization against covid-19 patients.

The stigma Dr Eleeza said is making their health officials work very difficult, especially contact tracing and pleaded that covid-19 patients or suspected patients because everyone is a potential covid-19 patient.

Helamented aabout how a contact they were tracing deceived that he was in Nanumba south when actually he was Tatale district when but travelled to Tatale.

The contact Dr Eleeza narrated, the person told he was from Nanumba south but didn’t want to be contacted in his village rather in Zabzugu because of the stigma.

The contact tracers Dr Eleeza said were given officials false information largely because of stigma.

This disease there is nothing stigma about it because you are walking and you may touch infected surface or got too close somebody who have the disease without knowing. A lot of Ghana’s case he said are Asytompmatic.

Contacts he said

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