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Ongoing violence at registration centers dangerous for Ghana – Yoo Naa warns


The Paramount Chief of Savelugu traditional area, Na Bakpeng  Yoo  Naa Abdulai Andani  has warned that Ghana risk witnessing political violence during 2020 elections if immediate measures are not put in place.
The chief said mayhem that has characterized the ongoing violence at some registration centers was clear signals that there is dangers ahead.

He reminded the government and the state security that, the hooligalism and total disrespect laws points to potential conflict in the country.

Naa Bakpeng Yoo Na called on Christian Council, the National Peace Council and the National Chief Imam to speak to the dispicable acts geared endangering innocent Ghanaainsives.

‘These are the same signs that occurred in neighboring countries such as Ivory Coast and it resulted into regrettable  conflicts’ the chief cautioned.

Na Bakpeng  Yoo Naa without mincing words blamed aspiring parliamentary candidates and the officialdom for hiding and pushing young people to cause violence for their selfish interest.

The chief expressed fears that if the government failed to halt the ongoing violence during what he called  a mere registration exercise, worse things could happen in December 7th general elections. 

‘This country has been conducting elections not  only in  2020 so why is this year’s one is like so and die’, Na Bakpeng Yoo Naa quizzed.

He recounted his meetings with police on security matters and the simple answers from them was  orders from the above is their major challenge.
He made passionate appealed to the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to intersify their public before December 7th elections to avert or reduce the growing tension.

He acknowledged their challenges but encouraged them to do their best, they the chiefs will also do their best.

‘We are the power and the power belong to us; Is about time citizens let politicians understand that they hold keys to power’, the chief emphasizes.

He said the bitter truth about the current happenings is that, politicians are out for their dirty and evil deeds to get political power and is about time the true be told.

‘let’s call a spade a spade, we know those behind those perpetuating the violence’

Na Bapri Yoo Naa raised the concerns when he received a copy of the vigilantism and other related offences Act 999-2019 form the northern regional Director of NCCE, Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani.
The NCCE under NORSAAC ‘Decent Election Project’ with funding from Star-Ghana Foundation is presenting the act to 16 paramount chiefs in northern and North East regions.

He was not happy that some citizens have allow themselves to bully by politicians during this registration process by going to constituencies they are have no business there or come from.

This, according to Yoo Naa  was a recipe for disaster if care is not taken now.
Na Bakpeng Yoo Naa lamented about lack of commitment in enforcing the laws by the political leadership who frustrate law enforcement agencies from carrying out their work.

The chief expressed worried about governments deliberate starving of state institutions such as NCCE and information service department from adequate resources and logistics to educate the citizens. 
Na Bakpeng  Yoo Naa assured of his palace commitment to ensuring peace and educating the people adding much of the work relies on NCCE and government must support them.

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