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Our 3rd & 4th quarter used for security upkeep in Chereponi – DCE reveals

The Chereponi District Assembly has chaneled almost all its domestic revenue realized for 3rd and forth quarters  for the security upkeep in the area.

The DCE for the area, Mr Abdul Razak Tahiru who could not readily provide the exact amount the assembly spent on security since the recent violence in the area explained that the assembly 3rd and forth quarters were channeled into  security upkeep.

Breaking the expenditure in components, Mr Abdul Razak said the assembly fed soldiers only four days whilst the police were fed for a number of months.
From day one since fight broke out, we fueled them though is not regular compare to when  tension was high.
Responding to questions on how much security upkee in the district has cost the assembly, the DCE said accommodating the security men  was still the burden of the Assembly.
As part of sustainable peace initiative in the area, the aggrieved functions carried out a rituals (Blood burial) where Konkombas and Chokosis slaughter a fowl.
The prone (lying face down) and supine (lying face up) position of the folws by both size  indicates who the real owners of that piece of land.
The DCE said the next major exersie was for  mapping and survey department  come and aid the district with their expertise in demacating the disputed land at the troubled community.
The land demarcation the DCE said will preceded by a big durbur of chiefs at Nadooni which is the last stage of the peace process in Chereponi.

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