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Police intensifies community engagement after officers brutalize residents


The Tamale Divisional Police Command under the Northern Regional Command has intensified its community engagement within their jurisdictions. The Divisional command, led Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Mr George Afari are explaining to the citizens on the police operations and the need for police to be seen as friends but not enemies.

The move, the command said will also ensure holistic fight against crime in the communities. The mooted the idea earlier this year to deepening police-citizens relationship in the region  flowing growing perception that police are becoming enemies to the people.

Metropolitan police Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police Mr Iddrisu Tanako pleaded with community members not fully understanding their work makes their work very difficult. He was addressing anxious residents from Lamashegu South and North electoral areas at the Lamashe Naa’s Palace on the role police plays in the communities barely 24hrs after four officers brutalized residents in NEDCo sponsored operation over alleged power theft.

 Citizens understanding of police work is in their interest, they will help police arrest suspected criminals for law to take its own cause. The police, chief superintendent said appreciate that fact every community is under a chief who galvanized community members for development and therefore involving chief was in the right the direction.

section of the youth listening to the police at Lamasheg Naa palace

Explaining the police administration interdicting the four officers flowing unprofessional conduct, CSP Tanko said even though it is not a punishment, it’s a process for proper investigations. Interdicted officers, he explained, under the period cannot wear police uniform to work and they will not also enjoy their salaries.

The Acting Inspector General of Police CSP Tanko said ordered a full-scale investigation into the matter and if prima facie case is established against the officers, it could lead to outright dismissal, reduce of ranks and salary reduction depending on the magnitude of the offense after investigations and subsequent trail.

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