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Quack doctors invades Karaga district;Midwife worried



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The Midwife in the Karaga District hospital, Hajia Fati Yakubu has advised the people in the area to desist from patronizing the services of the unqualified doctors who have invaded the district. 

The midwife who doubles as acting district public health officer said the activities of the quack doctors will derail the effort of Ghana health service and other stakeholders are making in providing health care service to the rural people. 

In the Karaga Township, for instance, there were 3 known unlicensed drugs stalls providing a wide range of services to unsuspecting public. The stalls, according to the midwife, apart from wrongly administering drugs to the people are also endangering adolescent’s lives who patronize in their services on unwanted pregnancy issues.

The adolescents especially, young girls who patronize the quack doctors' services are given drugs to terminate unwanted pregnancies instead of visiting the hospital form proper medical advice. 

The midwife lamented about the numerous health problems confronting the people and called on Chiefs, opinion leaders and the assembly to intervene and stop the activities of quack doctors from exploiting the innocent people of Karaga. 

Health personnel working in most rural communities in the northern region on several occasions expressed concerns over the growing phenomenon. The innocent people took the drugs and complicate their health problems before visiting the nearest health facilities. 

Ghana health services would have to put in place stringent measures to curb the menace.  

The district, according to Hajia Fati, is currently recording high cases of the deadly diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS which is worrying.  

The midwife who is almost due for retirement suggested that the only way to address the problem is community sensitization and the Imams to also, during their sermons, advise their congregants.

Hajia Fati who was deeply concerned about the issue told Zaa News that Kayaye returnees of the area should be screened as soon as they arrive in the district. 

Some of the Kayayes she said engaged in prostitution and parade themselves along some streets in Accra; I was in Accra some time ago with a friend and in the night she asked me to accompany her to those streets so, as a health worker, I can see things for myself which I did”, Hajia Fati told Zaa News with almost tears on her face. 

She explained that the boys who migrate to south also engage in a dastardly act such as homosexuality and video themselves and when they return to their communities; they show it to their colleagues.” During my work in the district I saw these young boys watching one of the videos in my trusted Traditional Birth Attendant's(TBA) house in one of the communities, I was really disappointed and worried, “she lamented. 




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