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Regent of Bimbilla breaks silence on killings and attacks on the people of Namung; vociferously attacks security agencies and media



The Regent of Bimbilla, Nyenbolin-Naa Yakubu Andani Dasana has come out swinging; apparently agitated by recent events in his town, he laid the blame elsewhere, taking potshots at authorities, the regional house of chiefs, security agencies and the media.

He said it is unfortunate that a new government is in place and Nanumg is the first to have disturbances. Nanumg he noted was a special place, the people love themselves and respect themselves. And they treat visitors the same way if only state institutions work properly.

He was particularly scathing about security agencies.”In every situation there is the good and there is the bad, but in the middle is the ‘evil’ referring to the police, the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI )and Criminal Investigation Department (CID). They arrest the perpetrators of the 2014 murder of the late overlord of Bimbilla, curfew was imposed and in less than three months, those arrested was freed,” he said.

He then drew a scenario to buttress his point; he said in a case where one is robbed, the robber should not be given the benefit of the doubt, instead that should be accorded the victim of the robbery. The irony, he said was that, these people arrested for murdering the king are the same people issuing threats to commit a similar crime again.

The regent was aggrieved about the seemingly lack of seriousness attached to the murder of the late King, and used the occasion to highlight three issues that he said need immediate addressing.

He pointed out that the murderers were hosted by a neighbor and no punishment was meted out, ” The landlord is a free man and we still have the good spelling of justice,” he said. He then touched on the issue of butchers disrespecting central authority in Bimbilla, and at this stage, he ironically asked for a round of applause for the security agencies because curfew was imposed, arrest was made and later the curfew was lifted and those arrested freed but those who lost their relatives remain in pain.

The third issue was the recent one; “l am happy that the leader of the delegation said the house was interested in ensuring peace, peace is paramount in every situation. If I will have to hold my head high as regent of Nanumg, then it will be the lovely co-existence between me as regent and the people of Nanumg.

“We have taken all steps in order to live in mutual peace  with who ever is against us,” he assured. “But the ‘evil’ in the middle,” he added, “is not helping because the attack on old man (the king maker-Kpatihi Naa) and his family, he is not in any way related by blood to the enskinment that was made, he does not do the enskinment and he does not choose who should be enskinned.”

The late overlord was murdered on that cause, the butcher issue was the same cause and the latest was on the same cause because they don’t admit the fact there is a central authority and he was the regent of Bimbilla, so why don’t we deal with the core issue ? He quizzed. We respect the system, we respect the laws and we have follow the laws to enskinned uncountable number of Chiefs.

Enskinment is not like going to the road side to buy porridge, it goes through some customers rights of which some of the customers rights when forgone imposes curses on the same candidate who want to be enskinned.

At about 11pm Wednesday, a group of people came to the palace to discuss whether the enskinment should be carried out or not. The pertinent question the king maker who is an illiterate ask was massage should they give the people the next day, that government has directed for the enskinment to be halted or what? the officials couldn’t offer any answer and left.

The palace he said entrusted the lives of the people in the hands of the security because there was an already plan to attack. The area was living with all manner of romour that with change of government, there will be disregard of laws.

Lazy media practitioners play to the gallery of security

The Nanumg traditional council he said has no month piece and respectively, the lazy media practitioners played to the gallery to the information security was given out which was that, the regent disregarded advice by the security against the enskinment which was far the truth. In a civilized world right now, security still give orders by word of month?
Consistently, the media reports of clashes when in actual fact is always attack on the palace.
House of Chiefs quietness on events in Bimbilla affect us

With all due respect to the regional house of Chiefs, I don’t know if I didn’t do wide reading, but am so sure the murder of the late overlord there was no statement from the house and also the butchers disrespecting the Bimbilla throne .
It was rather registrar at the Nanumg traditional council was arrested. Let’s come together and work as family.

“This issue was brought before the house of Chiefs and judgement was given in favor of the murdered overlord and so when the incident happen the family expected statement from the house which unfortunately didn’t come.”

“In all instances, we have been attacked. My position as a regent is by the law of Ghana and the customs and traditions of the Nanumg and if you are not comfortable with my line of duty, resort to the same law,” he reminded the opposing side.

“A civilian can only challenge improperly dress police through due process and not the hostel manner. You are our mouth piece and suppose to come out with the right information on the matter,” he said.

He finally took a jab at the Regional House of Chiefs by reminding them that their silence is detrimental to Nanumg and repeated his analogy that, that man in middle should be held responsible if the wrong does not respect the right.
Burial of the late Naakpaa

The regent made a passionate appeal to the regional house of Chiefs to make the necessary arrangements for a befitting and decent burial of late Naakpaa Naa who has been in the mortuary for three years now.

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