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REGSEC fails as neutral body in Nanton chieftaincy issue-Gbewaa Palace press Attaché

The Gbewaa Palace has accused the government of being hypocritical and bias in the happenings at Nantong.
The palace expressed shocked that the regional security council kept mute over the misbehavior of the Zoosali Lana and later issued a coward statement suggesting that they foresaw some disturbances in Nanton should the overload appointee the former Chief Vogh, Alhaji M.B. Bawa.
Alhaji M.B Bawa was selected out of 17 contestants who went through rigorous traditional screening and formalities for the coveted tile.
On April 1st, 2019 the Vo-Naa M.B Bawa was duly selected by the Ya-Na as the next Nanton-Naa.
The Gbewaa Palace said it appears to the place that the government is over papering Zosali Lana because of his influence in the current regime.

An administrative staff and press attache’ at the palace, Mr Baba Issifu told the media that the Nanton skin has never mentioned in any deliberation of the 3 eminent chiefs at Manhyia palace in Kumasi.

He said it was only Tolon, Diyali and Korili that was mentioned by the Otumfuo at the last meeting.
Responding to questions on regional security council coward statement, Mr Baba said they surprised that the security council chairman, Salifu Saeed count not provide for Nanton as he did for Tolon, Diyali and others.
Mr Baba told Zaa News that the REGSEC has failed as a neutral body. He said if any violence broke out again in Dagbon, the regional security council and the Zoosali lana should be hold responsible because they failed to discharge their duty as expected.
He could not understand why the same that provided security escort for those the Ya Naa appointed to get to their respective towns failed to do same for Nanton M.B Bawa.

He has also accused the national security led by the sector minister Albert Kadapaa for making suspicious moves in Dagbon over Nantong issue without seeking the Gbewaa Palace views.
He mentioned instances recently the where all security chiefs including the defence minister and northern regional minister visit which ended at Mion instead at the Gbewaa Palace to seek the Ya Naa who is the appointing authority view on the matter.

The government, he said has exposed itself in handling the Nanton issue and warn that the Yaa Naa will be compel to send one of his sons to send Nanton Naa M.B Bawa to Nanton.
When asked whether they are aware of the consequences, Mr Baba said the Andani family cannot be blame for any disturbances because the security decided not to act for the interest of everyone in the Nanton area.

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