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Rice farmers cries over lack of ready market& farm implements


The non-availability of farm implements such as tractor service, combine harvesters at the right time have been identified by farmers serious threat to rice production in the country.

Another challenge the farmers observed is ready market, particularly when there are gluts. This, farmers from   Dalun and Tibung traditional areas noted was impeding their efforts in cultivating rice in large quantities.

These challenges, the farmers noted poses serious threat to their effort in rice production. The two traditional areas according to the farmers, has huge potential in rice production if only the needed support is provided.

Sharing their views at Dalun after receiving fertilizer and insecticides from YOPP, a nongovernmental organization, the farmers also raised concerns about timely response to their challenges and added that sometimes the supports come to them at wrong time which defeat the purpose of the interventions either from government or nongovernmental organizations.

Some of the farmers suggested to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to introduce control market price that will ensure fair trade practice in the agriculture value chain.

Responding to their concerns, the Director of YOPP, Mr Abukari Abu acknowledged their challenges and assure them that his outfit support will come on time.

He however blamed the unfair market practice perpetrated by some buyers to farmers to disunity among farmers and urged them to always stand firm with one voice no matter the difficult situation they may finds themselves during harvest season. 

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