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Saboba: Chief angry over uncompleted educational projects, calls DCE a liar


The chief of kperigu, Ubor Kunji Tamanga in the Saboba District of the northern region has expressed his anger and disappointment in the District Chief executive and his allies in the Saboba District assembly for lying about completed educational projects in the community.

According to him, the DCE and his subordinates lied to donors that a school project they funded have been completed when it is not true. The Saboba District Assembly received funds from benevolent donors to construct classroom blocks to mitigate the insufficient classrooms at the Kperigu EP primary school. However, over two years after receipt of the funds the project is still at foundation level.

 The situation compounded when furniture was sent to furnish the newly constructed classrooms as told by the assembly only to meet the structure at foundation level. The furniture is currently packed at Kperigu Chief’s palace for over five months now while pupils suffer for it.

The furniture which was supposed to be in use in the new classrooms

Explaining the matter to our reporter, Chief Ubor Kunji Tamanga said “I am very disappointed in the leadership of the assembly, you did not finish the work and lied to the donors it was finished”.

When they brought the furniture five months ago, I ask those who brought the chairs why they brought it when the structure was not completed, they told me they were directed to bring it and they have no knowledge on whether the school was completed or not. But I do not want them to send the chairs back so I kept it my house”.

The Kperigu EP primary school depend on a three unit classroom block built with mud by the community members several years ago. The school is currently in a deplorable as its almost collapsed.  The school is also without furniture, compelling pupils to carry stools from home to school with some sitting on the bare floor. Biawurbi

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