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Sheikh Issah Samie Urges Imams in Tamale to Embrace Decorum and Tolerance in Sermons


In a bid to promote harmonious coexistence and religious tolerance in Tamale, prominent Islamic cleric Sheikh Issah Abdul-Samie, has issued a compelling call to all imams in the northern region to be circumspect with their sermons. In an exclusive with, Sheikh Abdul-Samie emphasized the importance of decorum and tolerance in the delivery of sermons, urging religious leaders to use their platform responsibly and avoid incendiary rhetoric that could stoke tensions.

Addressing a diverse audience of imams and community members through the interview, Sheikh Abdul-Samie highlighted the pivotal role that religious leaders play in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of their followers. “As imams, we are not just preachers of the faith; we are also ambassadors of peace and understanding,” he emphasized. “Our words have the power to either unite or divide our communities, and it is our duty to ensure that our sermons promote love, respect, and tolerance.”

He further extended his plea for tolerance beyond the Imams and clergy in general, he directed his message towards the youth of Tamale. Recognizing the vibrant diversity of religious beliefs present in the city, he urged young people to embrace an open-minded approach and show respect for differing perspectives. “In a society as richly diverse as ours, it is imperative that we learn to coexist peacefully, despite our religious differences,” he implored. “Tolerance is a virtue that strengthens our social fabric and paves the way for mutual respect and understanding.”

The call for decorum and tolerance comes at a crucial juncture for Tamale, a city known for its religious pluralism and cultural vibrancy. With tensions occasionally flaring over religious differences, Sheikh Issah Samie’s message serves as a timely reminder of the importance of fostering a climate of respect and acceptance within the city and the northern region in general.

In response to Sheikh Samie’s impassioned plea, several imams expressed their commitment to upholding the principles of decorum and tolerance in their sermons. “We are here to guide and enlighten our congregations, not to sow discord or animosity,” stated Imam Rashid, a respected religious leader in Tamale. “Sheikh Samiu’s words have reminded us of our responsibility to promote unity and understanding among all members of our community.”

Source: Angaangmeni Alhassan

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