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Somed Gunu exposes Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz over false job offer claims


A former Member for Parliament for the Savelugu constituency, Mr. Somed Gunu, has denied claims that, Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Savelugu Constituency, offered him job opportunities but he declined the offers. He described the claim as palpable lies peddled against him just to win a position in the hearts and minds of the electorates.  He denied the claims in a statement he issued and urged the NPP candidate to focus on working to recapture the seat for the NPP.

He also challenged her to name the elderly person from Tamale she claims she tasked to find out from he Somed Gunu if he was interested in a job offer.

He said he was disappointed in President Akufo-Addo for failing to appoint him to a ministerial portfolio despite the President’s promise to him to appoint him should he  win the Savelugu seat for the NPP in 2016.

“The president, during his campaign tour in 2016, promised the Yoo Naa now Yaa Naa that should I win the Savelugu seat for the NPP, he will reward me with a ministerial appointment. He is yet to fulfil his promise after seven years in government. If the president could not fulfil such an important promise made before a revered chief, how can a paper pusher at the presidency do it?” he queried.

 He underscores the need for truth and accuracy in any discourse, particularly regarding employment, stating that declining an offer without recommending another person is bizarre.

“I believe it is important for our discourse to be grounded in truth and accuracy, especially in matters as crucial as employment. Employment is an important issue in our public lives, and for someone like me to get an offer and decline it without recommending another person is bizarre to say the least, even if the one offering the job does not think of those around her.” he stressed.

He disclosed how Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz used chiefs and other elders to prevent him from contesting her in the NPP Parliamentary primaries, which for him did not amount to a job offer. He described her actions as calculated attempts by a desperate political office seeker who wishes to mislead the Savelugu people.


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