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Tamale Metropolitan Assembly building inspector blames recent floods on disregard of laws


Head of Building inspection at the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TaMA), Alhaji Baba Nkabo has blamed the perennial flooding in Tamale and its environs on the disregard of laws. 

He also accused traditional authorities of refusing to following layouts in their jurisdictions before selling the lands to prospective developers. The root cause of floods in Tamale Alhaji Nkabo observed was indiscriminate sales of any parcel of land without recourse to the area plan.

Speaking to Zaa News on the recent floods in Tamale, the TaMA building inspector said the suffering of victims of the floods won’t have happened if the people did not build on water ways.

When asked what city authorities are doing knowing the cause, Alhaji Nkabo said at best the assembly can pull down the structures adding that those who are engaging in wanton sale of lands mut also be held responsible.

parts of Taha new settlements

He explained that the local government Act, 936 section 97 empowers the assemblies to demolish an authorized structures but the onus lies on everyone to ensure that nobody builds on water ways start. 

He urged assembly members and unit committee members to effectively play their role well by sensitizing communities to prevent the recurrence of floods.  

Alhaji Baba Nkabo also expressed worried about what he described as new trend creeping into the Tamale metropolis which need urgent attention before it degenerates into confusion or violence confrontation between landlords, landladies and the chief palaces.

The new dangerous trend he is a situation where people from chiefs or close chief palaces selling buffer zones of individual house and properties and unprintable words some of them used when they are told that those places are not for stores or container business. 

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