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Tamale mayor renounces his chieftaincy title


The Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive Iddrisu Musah Superior have tendered in his resignation letter to the Chief Priest of Tamale as one of his elders with title Maligu Naa.

The Tamale mayor who was given the title in August 2019 said he abdicated the title to ensure peace in the metropolis, especially among the traditional rulers in Tamale.

He told Zaa News that his continue holding on to the title has the tendency of creating problems for him as the chairman of Metropolitan Security Council.

The mayor cited the long standing chieftaincy dispute at Yong Dakpemayili, a community within the metropolis and the accusations and counter accusations between the Tamale Dakpema and Nyab Bug Lana.

Mr Superior stated that he cannot be fair in his official dealings with the two key traditional rulers.

The mayor said he dispatched his resignation letter to the Bug Lana’s palace to thank him for the honor and also to announce his resignation as Maligu Naa. 

The worried mayor said he could not understand why after several mediations  to get solution to the impasse between the two revered traditional rulers can’t be achieved.
Asked if he has met with the two traditional  rulers for them tonsofting their stands, he answered affirmative. ‘I can’t tell you discussions I had with the two’ the mayor stated.

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