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Tamale Municipal Authority Sets Deadline to Stop Two Social Vices; Wee-smoking and Prostitution


The Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Mr  Iddrisu Musah Superior, has said he is ready with a joint taskforce of police and military to clear the Tamale forest reserve of people who use the place as a habitat for all kinds of social evils which will be followed by a destruction of all illegal structures.

He gave 3:00pm as the time for the exercise, saying that this has become necessary after his personal efforts to engage most of the youth in a dialogue to eschew smoking Marijuana and vacate the forest proved futile.

“Very young children,” he lamented, “as young as 10 to 18 years, have found their way into the forest to engage in unacceptable acts.”

The mayor mentioned that after his outfit had spoken to them, some of them heeded his invitation and have had their names written down as part of efforts to get them out of the forest to engage them in productive activities.

In a related development, the mayor has given 30th October 2017, as an ultimatum to all commercial sex workers, including spots that are noted to be dens for weed-smoking gangs, to vacate those places or face the full force of the law.

According to Mr. Superior, the menace of commercial sex workers, who claim to be exercising their freedom, is not guaranteed in any Ghanaian law books.

Therefore any person or group of persons engaging in such enterprise or activities must look for another city to conduct business but not Tamale.

On the issue of weed smoking gangs, he said he is fully informed about the hideouts of the perpetrators and will be coming after them very soon.                        

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