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TVET holds the key to ending unemployment in the country, and we will prioritize it -Founder, NDP


The Founder of National Democratic Party (NDP) Nana Konadu Agymang Rawlings has bemoaned the inability of previous governments to effectively implement Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) in secondary institutions.

She says TVET if implemented properly will avert the chunk of unemployment ratio among graduates in the country. Nana Konadu Agymang Rawlings who is also a former first lady of Ghana, says the NDP party believes in technical and vocational skills training which will enhance the capacity of citizens, and address the unemployment situation in the country.

She says TVET holds the key in unleashing the abundant expertise of middle-level manpower crucial for technological progress, rapid industrialization, wealth creation, and poverty reduction. Nana Konadu emphasized that while numeracy and literacy are still essential to the country’s existence, there is a need for an urgent change in direction as a country desirous of attaining the heights of development and economic progress.

She says the country needs to adopt learning approaches that will enable the youth to acquire the knowledge-set and skills in cutting-edge technologies in ICT, industries, engineering and science. The former first lady was speaking at a durbar of party executives at the party’s Headquarters in Accra.

The vociferous NDP’s founder says Ghana’s 1992 Constitution must be amended, to help make the executive independent of the legislature. She explained that the amendment of the 1992 constitution would ensure proper checks and balances within government structures.

She has however entreated all regional executives to fasten their seat belts for the task ahead of them come 2024. She says that the party will work closely with communities to instill hope and confidence in the citizenry for a productive nation.


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