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Practice Menstrual Hygiene To Avoid Infections – Health Officer


A health Officer Iddrisu Fuseini has advised women to practise good personal hygiene during menstrual periods to prevent infections. The officer who gave the advice, said personal hygiene was important in the health of women during this period because the menstrual blood is rich in nutrients that aids in the rapid growth of infectious microorganism.

Mr Fuseini also advised women and adolescent girls to have their baths at least twice daily and change used sanitary pads periodically and avoid wearing one for more than six hours. Menstrual health and hygiene interventions can help protect dignity, build confidence, and strengthen sexual and reproductive health, particularly among adolescents, he added.

He was speaking to adolescent girls from the Kasulyili Basic and JHS in Tolon distrct. According to him, women can experience various skin problems such as skin swells, rashes, redness, soreness and even blisters. Poor menstrual hygiene can also introduce bacteria to the urethra which can lead to severe Urinary Tract Infection. It can spread to anywhere in the urinary tract which can further lead to kidney damage if left untreated.

One of the most severe side effects of poor menstrual health Mr Fuseini noted is an increased risk of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer he explained is a type of cancer which grows from the cervix due to the abnormal growth of cells and poor menstrual hygiene puts a woman at a higher risk of cervical cancer.

Mr Fuseini has however encouraged parents to make their young girls understand that menstruation is a natural occurrence for women to prepare them psychologically for the stress and discomfort associated with it.
Source: D. Walter

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