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Voters register: Listen to concerns of parties, Activista Ghana to EC


Discussions on the compilation of the new voters register seems not ending anytime soon. The Inter Party Resistance committee and other stakeholders have raised concerns about the move by the electoral commission to compile a new voters’ register. Latest to add their voice is activista Ghana, a youth group based in Tamale.

The group is calling on the Electoral Commission to take into consideration the views of the opposing parties and make sure proper consultation is done to avert any possible misunderstanding. Activista Ghana is worried that, if proper consultation is not done by the EC to come into common terms with the opposing parties, it would likely affect the December 7 polls.

The Northern base youth group is also concern about the peace of the country if the issues surrounding the new register is not addressed properly. 

Their concern was made at a press conference addressed by Rayan Iddi Yussif, Northern Regional Coordinator for activista Ghana. They have also advised the youth not to make themselves available for politicians to use for their parochial interest.

Source: Ghana/Tamale/ Biawurbi

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