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We are in power don’t try- NPP Nasara Coordinator warns Azoka


Northern Regional Nasara Wing of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) have warning to second  Vice National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sofo Azoka.
The party stated that it is NPP in power not the National Democratic Congress.
The warning  follows what the Nasara wing described it as death threat issues by  Mr  Azoka when he toured Savannah Region.
A video of the former NDC northern regional NDC Chairman holding Nasara Voter Register booklet  went viral  on social media.

In the video,  chairman Azoka was heard shouting and charging supporters of NDC to finished anyone with the booklet going round communities.

Mr Azoka claims the NPP is using the Booklet to collect information of register Ghanaians.

The unhappy chairman Azoka charged NDC members to ” if you see anyone in your community holiday this book, going round and writing our people names masa don’t let him go free; This book if you see him to do what, finish am, they are not electoral commission” Azoka fumed.

He repeated ; if you see anyone going round collecting people voter ID card to do what! finish them.

But in an equal response, Northern Regional Nasara Coordinator, Alhaji Shamwunah Eliasu condemned  Mr Azoka’ s outburst and warned him not to make any silly move.

” I watched a video of 2nd national vice chairman Azoka saying if they get Nasara members holding this book they should finished them; He is my brother but today I put the brotherhood aside because he is an NDC and I am also NPP”.

Don’t try, this is our time let me remind you that you were ones a member of NPP before joining the NDC, Alhaji Shamunah warned.

The book he explained was a data collection book for zongo communities  has nothing to do with information of citizens with voter ID cards.

‘When our people enter zongo  they know what will say, he eephamsized.
The Nasara coordinator said ‘ ‘the matter that is inside the book chairman Azoka don’t know’ ‘.

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