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We are ready to sacrifice our lives to save water works park-angry residents

There is seemingly tension  mounting between some residents of Moshie Zongo, Poloya Fong and Water Works area and the Tamale metropolitan assembly over attempts to sell water Works Park.

The residents have vowed to sacrifice their lives to protect the only recreational park within the area.

The residents, backed by the forestry commission and the department of Parks and Gardens  says they are ready for the Tamale metropolitan Chief Executive’s tags and the military he reportedly promised to unleash on them if they are not succumbing to his incessant demands.

Squatters who have been given permit by the forestry commission to use the park for some time now have been receiving threats by persons close to the Metropolitan chief who they accused of bent on selling the park to Naagamni Oil Company for the establishment of a fuel station.

This angered the residents and football loving funds who used the park for sporting activities.

Basic schools within the area on daily bases also used the park as their training ground.

The waterworks park also serves as venue for many social events including passing out of hair dressers and tailor apprentices and also rally grounds for political parties during campaign season.

The angry residents also told Zaa News that Janaza prayers for their departed ones are normally observed at the park.

They expressed shock why anybody in his right senses will contemplate in selling such an important space

.  The forestry commission in a letter signed by the Tamale District manager of the commission and sighted by Zaa News warned the Tamale MCE not to attempt in selling the place as it constitutes an illegality.

The commission says it has no intention of evicting the squatters who have managed the park for over 20 years.

The residents and squatters have warned the hangs-on men around the MCE to stay away from the issues because any attempt to use violence will be resisted in equal measure.

They have also appealed to both the military and police not to allow themselves to be used by political authority to perpetuate an illegality.

Zaa News’s checks at the regional coordinating council revealed that the matter has been reported to them and they have also expressed their disappointment about the move.

 Regional Manager of Department of Parks and Garden, Alhassan Mohammed expressed shock at the mayor’s attempt and said his outfit has written to their headquarters over the matter.

He has also expressed the department’s readiness to resist such an attempt by the MCE.

All efforts to get responds from the  M. C. E failed.

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