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We are not propagating any political party agenda in December 17th referendum – NCCE Director


The Tolon District Director of National Commission for Civic Education(NCCE),  Mrs Abdul Rahman Hawawu has said rumours that the commission is propagating a certain political party agenda ahead of the December 17th referendum and District level elections cannot be true.

The  NCCE Director stated categorically that the commission was  only propagating its constitutional obligations and not  championing a political party’s agenda as is being misconstrued by some well-meaning Ghanaians.

The NCCE she said was  acting in accordance with article 223 of the 1992 constitution which mandates them to formulate, implement and oversee programs intended to inculcate citizens of Ghana the awareness of their civic responsibility and appreciation of their rights and obligations.

The referendum on the amendment of article 55(3) 1992 constitution she explained was not for the election of MMDCES,  but rather for  seek to allow political parties to take part in the assembly elections.

Mrs Hawawu encouraged citizens to impress on their members of Parliament (MPs) expedite action on the amendment of article 243 (1) which gives the president the power to appoint MMDCEs.

She explained that if  parliament fails t to amend the article 243(1) and more than 40% of registered voters turn out to vote in the referendum and out of the total number 75% vote in favor, the president will  still have the power to appoint MMDCEs.

Responding to questions on the implications on voting YES for partisan district level elections, the NCCE Director made it clear that development cannot be stall if an opposition party person is elected as DCE.

Voting NO or YES she said is the civic responsibility of the citizens and the outcome would determined the next level of Ghana’s local level elections.
The NCCE she noted is worried that since 1988, the turn out for assembly elections has never cross 40% which is a major challenge.

She maintain that  the resources belong every citizen not for the president, DCE or MP and therefore holiday leaders accountable without any political color will definitely bring the needed development.

The Tolon NCCE Director was not happy that the chiefs who wield so much power at local level are failing the very people they are leading.

Mrs Hawawu pleaded with the chiefs to haults both heads of government institutions and political leadership before their palaces to explain why state resources entrusted into their hands to mange are not being use properly.

‘What we need to be doing now is to hold them accountable, we should know what is due us, we should ask for it and they must provide. We shouldn’t say because  MP is not in good relationship with the DCE  development won’t come. If the assembly is to provide water  to the community and they didn’t, community members have every right to ask why’.
Citizens  must be interested in what is going on at the assemblies, the work of commitees at  the assemblies.
We are failing in taht direction that’s why they are taking us for a right.
I always say that our chiefs has the power to help the community interest but they failed to hold duty bearirs accountable, our people are suffering. The people fear you chiefs so you have do what is right for your people to enyoy what is due them. We thought bringing governance  to the door steps of the people will solve our problem but as it stands now is not working  for us.

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