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You can’t do this in other parts of the country, why Tamale? Mukadi quiz the assault of alleged illegal light users.


There have been several reactions from concern citizens ever since a video of police officers assaulting residents of Tamale leaked. The recent to react to the unfortunate incident is popular sports presenter, Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni. According to the award winning sports presenter, it is not the duty of the police to assault anyone for involving in illegal electricity connection.

The host of Zaa sports on Zaa Radio condemned the action by the police officers and questioned why NEDCO did not use the appropriate measures to get victims of the alleged illegal connections pay or punished.

“Do we do same to them when they off light unannounced? You can’t do this in other parts but why in our rich Dagbang with so much dignity and pride” Mukadi asked.

Prince Mukadi who is also the marketing manager of Zaa radio, even though is unhappy about the situation; he has applauded management of the Ghana police service for their swift intervention to interdict the said police officers. He urged the police to deal with the matter to the bottom and give appropriate sanctions.

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