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Youth leaders condemn excessive noise during floats in the streets of Tamale


Youth leaders (Zaachis) in Dagbon have kicked against floats and the excessive noise made by fans of two popular musicians, Maccacio and Fancy Gadam, in the metropolis.

The Zaachis have vowed to liaise with the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to instill discipline in the city. Their decision follows the nearly three hours traffic jam caused by fans of Maccacio during Saturday’s launch of his latest album, Ninsala Album.

Three days before the launch, residents of the city were bombarded with siren and excessive noise from motorbikes.

Apparently, this is not the first time excessive noise by music fans has preceded the launch of a new album launch. It happened in the past. But speaking on Zaa weekend program’’ Bontahili’’ on the issues, the Zaachis stressed that they don’t frown on the fans of the artistes but insisted that they were against the unregulated floats that disturb the orderliness and public peace.

Mr. Sulemana Mohammed, Nyankpala Zaachi, Mr. Abdul Hanan Mohammed, Chief Priest of Tamale Zaachi and Mr. Zakaria Abu, Lamashegu Zaachi who spoke on behalf of all the Zaachis warned the two musicians to call their fans to order or face the consequences. The Zaachis urged the two musicians to at least respect the elderly in the metropolis.

They have also resolved to make sure that parents parents who allow their children under 18 years to roam without supervision are penalized by the law.

According to the Zaachis such children will be arrested and send to the police and parents hauled before authorities to answer questions on why their children are roaming in the street during odd hours.

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