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Zangbalun Royal Funeral; Hundreds bid farewell to Hajia Mariam Mahama Zangbalun PaƔa


The final funeral rites of the late Zangbalun PaƔa, known in private life as Hajia Mariam Mahama Yakubu has been observed at Zangbalun in the Kumbungu district. The late Hajia Mariam died on September 18,2023 peacefully at age 91 at her house at Kpelubogni, Jakariyili in the Tamale metropolis.

late Zangbanlun PaƔa

She was the daughter of late Zangbalun Naa Yakubu who was the son of Kpating Lana Mahama, son of Naa Andani Jirilong.  She left behind 6 children, Mr Ahmed Mahama formerly at RTU, Gifty Mahama, Jane Alimatu Mahama (London), Dr Mahama Sayibu (lecturer UDS), Hajia Bintu Mahama and Mr Tony Mahama.

 Hundreds of mourners, friends and sympathizers on Thursday commensurate with the family during the performance of the-five-day final funeral rites which ended on Friday with Islamic prayers.

The chief of Zanbgalun sat in state. A delegation from the Gbewaa palace and several other paramount chiefs including the Lamashe Naa attended.

Tamale south MP and former minority Hon. Haruna Iddrisu who is a nephew of the deceased led a large crowd to attend the funeral.

Also present were the registrar of UDS. Nurudeen Issah Abukari and the outgoing Pro V C of the university, Prof Abagali, Deans and lecturers at the university.

The late Zangbanlun PaƔa also natured several children including Princess of Nyankpala, Habiba Mahama and Princess of Zangbalung Zeinab and Rahi Mahama.

Princess of Nyankpala Habiba Mahama

Princess of Nyankpala, Habiba Mahama said her late aunty was industrious who could sell anything including pillows, kerosene and cola nuts among others. ‘I missed her song she composed using our names, Abibata Mahama, Bintu Mahama Zeinab Mahama to those us females she brought up; I really missed’, Habibata recollected.

Zeinab described late Zangbanlun PaƔa as pot of wisdom to her because was very close to her. The late Hajia Mariam Mahama Yakubu death, Madam Zeinab said hit her a lot and she prayed for her soul to rest in peace.  

According to her children, their late mother was a disciplinarian, strict but patient and someone who encouraged children to speak the truth no matter the situation or who was involved. Two of her nieces, Habiba Mahama and Zeinab Mahama recounts their fond memories of the late Zangbanlun PaƔa.

She was the one who inducted me into prayers though i was born as a Muslim but when you are growing up there is lukewarm attitude towards prayer, especially the Fajr Salaah (Dawn prayer), anytime I’m sleeping she wakes you up and you don’t get up, she will pour water on you just so I will feel unconformable with and that for me was a plus and I hope and prayer that Allah   will use that and put her in the right place.

She was not just a mother to me but play mate as well because sometimes she speaks broken English and we laugh over it. I actually lost a companion and I’m sure other children feel same, Dr Sayibu said. She was a brave woman who was able to raise responsible children.     

One of her sons, Dr Mahama Sayibu told Zaa News late Zangbanlun PaƔa was strict on her children, non-discriminatory very religious and someone who encouraged them to love others the way they loved themselves. Dr Mahama Sayibu told Zaa News though it is difficult to speak truth these days, he will continue abide by his late mother virtues.

Gifty Mahama, the second born of the late Zangbanlun PaƔa love everyone, discipline and advised young people to let discipline to their guiding principles. ‘If you are discipline person by all means you will respect people’.    

The Regent, Mr Ahmed Mahama reechoes   Zangbanlun  PaƔa’s  love for all children under her care and thanked everyone who play a role in the upkeep of her till she died.

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