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A dumb move by government to invade Kofi Adams home and seize his properties. Are we in a police state?


Mr. Kofi Adams, the NDC mandarin, a top party official, is clearly peeved at the security agencies. Can you fault him for feeling this way? A gang of heavily armed soldiers was dispatched to his private home and his properties (5 vehicles) inappropriately seized only to be returned later with abundant apologies. The entire episode begs the question: are we in a police state where government can run roughshod over its citizens? I hope not.

To date, the National Security folks have not given any coherent explanation for their action last week. So, Mr. Adams is left to believe that the invasion of his house and the subsequent blatant violation of his fundamental human rights was politically motivated and orchestrated by his political enemies.

I don’t know how to describe it, but let me say this: the whole operation was unseemly, smacked of vindictiveness and was a throwback to the era when civilians lived in fear of armed soldiers.

It was discomforting and upsetting to see, in this day and age of democracy and all that it entails, armed soldiers storming the private compound of a private citizen and without as much as a warrant issued by a properly constituted court, confiscating his properties.

The raid of Mr. Adams home was uncalled for;it wasn’t well thought out. Mr. Adams, to the best of the Ghanaian public’s knowledge, has not been charged with any criminal wrong doing.

If he has, authorities should reveal the offense and stop playing with our intelligence. Authorities have not established any fact or put forth any evidence that the cars seized at Adam’s home were illegally acquired.

Leave the man alone to mourn his party’s disastrous performance at the just concluded general elections. He is a political operative, and has much to worry about. Please, don’t compound his problems.

There are many fundamental questions to be asked of the government. What prompted the invasion and what was it designed to accomplish? Why was Mr. Adams the target? Has the government drawn up a list of political enemies to scare and intimidate? And is it payback time, a witch-hunt? Or is it settling old political scores?

Unless the government comes out immediately and thoroughly explain its action to Ghanaians, a cloud of suspicion will hang over its head for the entire duration of its time in office. Ghanaians are no longer gullible creatures. They are discerning and capable of knowing when their government’s actions are suspicious.




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