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BOSTGATE: Barely Six Months Into Its Administration the NPP Is Embroiled In Corruption


The Ghanaian politician is synonymous with corruption and that is a given. Anyone who feels otherwise ought to have their head thoroughly examined.

Last year, Ghanaian voters sent an alleged corrupt government packing and ushered in a supposedly scrupulously clean alternative.

But six months into its administration, the NPP is embroiled in corruption. And its hapless members are scrambling and falling over themselves to explain away the rot at BOST—the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport facility.

So far, there are no takers; no one believes the cluster of explanations government officials desperately advance each time the scandal takes on new dimensions.

The Ghanaian public already frustrated with the shenanigans of their elected representatives and burdened by financial hardships is demanding full accountability.

It is no secret that Ghanaians are particularly miffed that government officials at a major state agency deliberately and intentionally connived with favored private entities to sell contaminated fuel to unsuspecting motorists. The audacity is stunning.

If this were to happen in a matured democracy, the lawbreakers would have been languishing in jail even as investigations go on.

But in Ghana where the process of accountability and justice is painstakingly slow, those involved in the BOST saga are sitting pretty, free to go about their daily lives as if nothing significant has happened.

Strangely and disquieting is the President’s stunning silence. To date, Mr. Akuffo Addo hasn’t uttered a word on the scandal despite the ugly attention it has brought to his administration, and the efforts of some mischievous and opportunistic political operatives on the other side to link his daughter to the unfolding scandal.

I can’t assign any reason for Mr. Addo’s taciturnity except to say that a presidential statement would have gone a long way to reassure Ghanaians that Mr. Addo meant his word when he loudly proclaimed on several occasions in the course of last year’s election campaign that he will vigorously fight corruption and preside over a clean administration.

Politicians always talk from both sides of their mouths. They promise one thing on the campaign trail, but once ensconced in power, turn around and do the exact opposite.

No one is pinning the blame on Mr. Addo. However, it is worth recalling that it was he who promised profusely to do something about corruption. And Ghanaians, ever hopeful and optimistic, placed their trust in him.

Their hopes, however, are being dashed by these stories of corruption so early in the administration which has led to widespread perception that the NPP gained power solely to enrich itself and pay off accumulated campaign and operational debts.

I doubt if the NPP sought power to pilfer the country’s meager financial resources, but it is certainly not helping its case with this BOST thing.

Corruption is deeply entrenched in our society and it will take generations, hard work and heartfelt commitment on the part of Ghanaians to stamp it out.

All the NPP can do at this moment to eradicate doubts about its sincerity and commitment to fighting corruption is to allow an orderly and impartial investigation into the BOST scandal.

And at its conclusion should mete out punishment where it is due, if anything at all, to signal that those who engage in graft in the service of the nation would not go scot-free.


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