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Charlotte Osei’s United Nations Appointment is Sweet Revenge And Vindication

What sweet revenge; for those who thought the former chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei was a sycophantic stooge of the NDC and therefore not worthy of their time or deserving of the office she occupied and subsequently cast her to the side, let them chew on this; she has been scooped up by a renown international organization and elevated.

Yes, indeed the much-maligned former head honcho of the EC has been sent soaring high to the chagrin of her virulent critics who now look pretty much diminutive by their mean acts of political vindictiveness and misogyny.

Madam Osei’s appointment as the United Nations International Elections Commissioner to war-ravaged Afghanistan is not only an endorsement of her educational qualifications and managerial acumen, it is also a vindication of the trust reposed in her by the erstwhile Mahama administration to run a controversial state agency, the Electoral Commission.

Despite coming under withering criticism from various partisan groups in the prelude to the 2016 general elections all in a bid to fluster and turn her into a pariah, Madam Osei maintained her cool and conducted herself above reproach.

To her credit, Madam Osei never yielded to pressure and paid scant notice to the chant accusing her of bias towards the NDC. In the end, she presided over an election that toppled the very president who appointed her, buttressing her credentials and eventually catching the eyes of international observers of the Ghanaian political scene.

While this is not the time for her supporters to gloat, it is worth pointing out that Madam Osei richly deserves her appointment with the United Nations Organization. If her services were crassly dismissed by the ruling NPP, someone somewhere, in this instance the UN, finds them very useful.

Of course, like other humans, Madam Osei had her professional shortcomings. There were times her managerial decisions raised eyebrows. Nonetheless, those missteps should be the least of our worries today.  She has put our country on the global map and for that alone, she deserves a big pat on the back.

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