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Corruption Rears Its Ugly Head Again At The NDA Formerly SADA

Once again, for the umpteenth time, corruption has reared its ugly head at the Northern Development Authority (NDA) known previously as the Savannah Accelerated Development Corporation or by its infamous acronym SADA.

According to news reports, 400 tricycles have allegedly been pilfered, brazenly looted, stolen from the agency, and worryingly, to date nobody within the organization has reportedly confessed to the theft or accounted for the disappearance of the tricycles. A top director is said to have stepped down but refused to take full responsibility for the loss

From all indications, the NDA never seems to stay away from trouble; in-fact it is not entirely out of place to state in no uncertain terms that it is in the Authority’s DNA. to court controversy.

Remember not so long ago in 2016 the organization was in the news because some members of its hierarchy, top management had dabbled in corruption?

Manasseh Azure Awuni was behind the expose which the NPP allegedly financed and ultimately exploited to its great advantage. Political observers say Manasseh’s investigations contributed in no small measure to Mahama’s electoral defeat in 2016.

Of course, it was plain stupid to tie the corruption at SADA with Mahama just as it will be the height of lunacy to say the current occupant of Jubilee House is responsible for the disappearance of the 400 tricycles.

Let us be brutally honest here for a minute: The Northern Development Authority is a cesspool of corruption, greed, graft and avarice and it does not matter who is the president.

It is the central policy of the organization to pretend to be working hard in the service of the good people of the northern region.

Meanwhile when eyes are turned, it blatantly steals what rightly belongs to northerners. It happened in 2016 and it is happening yet again; NDA management fleecing poor northerners to line up their bank accounts.

Let’s just say the NDA thrives on undercutting the very people it was created to help —and every progressive northerner and by extension all Ghanaians should be up in arms.

They should be fuming with anger at those at the helm of affairs at the NDA. Answers must be forthcoming as to what exactly happened to those tricycles.

Against this background, one pertinent question that we northerners should be asking ourselves is: how do we ever close the development gap between us and our southern brethren if we continue to steal from the poorest among us to pad up our bank accounts?

The northern regional minister must keep his promise of getting to the bottom of this latest scandal. This is not the time for platitudes and vehement denials, Mr. Saeed. We are watching closely.




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