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Stop The Sermonizing On Corruption, Mr. Maafo, You Are The Face of Corruption

Would someone please tell senior minister, Mr. Safo Maafo to zip up; to stop his daily sermons on corruption because no matter how much he tries, Ghanaians see through the mendacity, the elaborate lies and the rank hypocrisy.

So, there he was at Legon over the weekend, sounding off on how bad corruption is. Please, spare us the baloney, the utter nonsense, Mr. Maafo

For all practical purposes, Ghanaians are sick and tired of an individual who preaches virtue and then turns around and practice vice, lecturing them on how evil and devastating corruption is, and the toll it takes on a society that fails to   confront it head on and fight it strenuously.

Ghanaians are skeptical of Mr. Marfo’s supposed concern for the pervasiveness of corruption in their society, and the reason is not hard to decipher; the senior minister is the face of corruption; he symbolizes everything Ghanaians hate about public officials who feel that they are untouchable and can do anything and everything illegal and still go home to their wives and kids at the end of the day; no day of reckoning.

Perhaps Mr. Marfo thinks Ghanaians are a miserable. collection of degenerates and dimwits. He feels we don’t have the mental acumen to see the administrations misdeeds and poor governance. Well, he may be underestimating our intelligence at his own peril.

You see the Senior minister rails against corruption, yet he has the temerity, the sheer audacity to bring his two boys back from the United States and set them up in very lucrative public and private sector jobs.

To make matters worse, the rationale he advanced for that blatant act of nepotism was just as ridiculous as it gets. Oh, they are qualified and wanted to come home, he explained. Yeah right. There are homebred qualified young men and women who could easily have been placed in those jobs if their fathers too were politically connected and corrupt to the core.

And, as if that brazen act was not enough demonstration of Mr. Marfo’s deep seated corruption, the senior minister is now engaged in a furious back and forth with the auditor-general over a payment that he Mr. Marfo allegedly made to a foreign auditing firm for work the firm did not execute.

“How do you explain or justify the payment?” is the answer the auditor-general has been seeking from the senior minister to no avail? Of course, Mr. Marfo has not been forth coming with the facts. Instead, he has chosen the path of circumvention and lies.

We all understand that corruption is a huge drag on our society. It has hampered growth and stifled progress for as long as Ghanaians can remember. Sure, we want corruption eradicated from every aspect of our public and private sectors. I admit this is a tall order, a very insurmountable proposition.

But we don’t want the likes of Safo Marfo who have no moral grounds to stand on when it comes to the issue of fighting corruption preaching to us about a crime that they are neck deep involved in.

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