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Embattled Former GFA Boss Undeserving of Our Forgiveness

With his career up in smoke, his reputation irreversibly damaged and a long jail term looming ominously, embattled former Ghana Football Association boss, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, is scrambling to rationalize his behavior and make amends.
Mr. Nyantakyi’s charm offensive began with profuse but halfhearted apologies to his family, co-workers, president Nana Akuffo Addo and Ghanaians. His accompanying vehement denials were just as disingenuous. I wonder how many Ghanaians bought this farce. 
At face value, Nyantakyi’s attempts at character redemption are an elaborately constructed ruse to warm his way into the hearts of Ghanaians. But fools we aren’t. Ghanaians have had enough of government officials feeding fat at the public trough only to turn around and offer unqualified apologies when caught red-handed in the act. 
Nyantakyi is cunning and utterly undeserving of our forgiveness. He amassed incredible wealth at our expense, and we should treat him therefore like the pariah that he has become.
Along the way, the backlash against Nyantakyi would be seen for what it is; justifiable anger at an immensely corrupt public official.
That his world has come tumbling down around him is no surprise. It was just a matter of time. Nyantakyi’s unusually long reign at GFA was one for the history books; he presided over a cesspool where dissent was muffled, votes bought and effective football administration a second thought. In short, Ghana was poorly served.
Nyantakyi will eventually get his day in court. At that time, more lurid details about the rot at the GFA will become public knowledge. I salivate at that prospect. If no severe punitive measures are brought  against the disgraced former GFA head honcho, Ghanaians will have further reason to distrust the system which they feel is largely protective of the political elite and their cohorts in the legal and media sectors. 

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