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President Addo Distances Himself From Nyantakyi But That is Not Enough

You guessed right; the Anas video continues to reverberate, not only across Ghana, but also across the Atlantic ocean. Last night at work, I listened intently to Peter Okocha of BBC Africa, delvedinto details of the GFA scandal.
He was fair, objective and analytical in discussing Kwesi Nyantakyi’s greed and the dissolution of the national football association he once headed.
And, much to Okocha’s credit, he pinned the routine failure of African governments to discipline corrupt football administrators on FIFA’s intransigence. He ended the segment with the observation that Ghanaian football will take a long time to recover from the scandal.
The few Ghanaians interviewed for the broadcast seethed with anger and expressed deep disappointment with the political system that emboldened Nyantakyi and his cohorts.
Such was the pepped up anger that one Ghanaian even quipped that football in the country should be banned for three years, a proposal Okocha promptly shot down as infeasible.
Now allow me to wade into unknown territory: applauding President Nana Akuffo Addo. Despite his alleged coziness with the flagrantly norm breaking Nyantakyi, Mr. Addo deserves muted praise for swiftly distancing himself from the former GFA boss.
Ordering his immediate arrest was noteworthy, but Ghanaians would have loved to see imagery of the disgraced Nyantakyi being handcuffed and frogmarched out of his palatial mansion into a waiting police van to be wheeled off to a cold, damp and urine drenched cell at the infamous Nsawam prison.
The fate of Nyantakyi and his gang now rests squarely on our notoriously slow judicial system; will it shed its tardiness and churn out quick justice and deliver the ultimate “coup de grace” to the previously untouchable Nyantakyi? Ghanaians are waiting with bated breath.
Addendum: Reports say FIFA has severed ties with Nyantakyi. Wonderful !!!!

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