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Fear and Apprehension at Jubilee House as Corruption Allegations Swirl Around President

As allegations of corruption and financial malfeasance continue to swirl around his administration, President Nana Akuffo Addo is fumbling to come up with answers to explain away the unbridled kleptomania. Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi’s unwise revelations captured in a video haven’t helped matters one bit.
I can’t begin to imagine the nervous handwringing, the unrestrained hyperventilation and all round chaos at Jubilee House; an obviously freaked out Nana pacing up and down the hallways, cursing his stars, while being consoled by the fiercely loyal Veep, Dr. Bawumia and an assortment of hangers-on, bottom feeders and partisans.
Given the recent spate of corruption allegations —- they just keep coming, don’t they? —- coupled with the near paralysis at the presidency —- its inexplicable failure to aggressively and severely sanction those within the NPP found to have diverted public funds or illegally accepted payments to facilitate access to Nana —- there is an inclination at one level to subscribe to a rapidly expanding narrative that the Mr. Addo has lost control of the herd, but yet at another level, an itch to dismiss the charges as heated political hyperbole.
Whatever your urge, one thing is conspicuous: Ghanaians are irritated and demand answers. Foreboding for the ruling NPP is the fact that, the anger is not the sole province of rabid NDC followers; it is palpable and cuts across the political divide. In fact, there is a heightened awareness among Ghanaians that they have been “had” —- hoodwinked by a group of glib and sweet talking con-artists masquerading as do-gooders.
Ghanaians are having a buyer’s remorse moment; they unwittingly elected a man who promised to strenuously protect the public purse, yet remains unflappably detached as his coterie of ministers and aides brazenly divert handsome sums of public money into their private bank holdings.

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