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The shoe is now on the other foot; NPP mismanages economy, draws criticisms

When the current government was in opposition it spared no effort in lambasting the then ruling NDC at every opportunity. It viciously attacked former president John Mahama over policy issues and made it a point to depict him as incompetent and ill-suited to rule Ghana.

Now the shoe is on the other foot; the NPP is in charge of governance and boy has it messed up big time! Its policy missteps are a truckload, and allegations of corruption and nepotism, mountain high. The economy is in a free fall, jobs are few and hard to come by, and ordinary Ghanaians are struggling mightily.

Yet, when you dare raise the issue of the NPP’s gross mismanagement of the economy, you are instantly called names, an NDC toadie and described as unpatriotic.

A disclaimer: yours truly isn’t in the pocket of the NDC or a partisan of any other party for that matter. In fact, those who have read my articles in the now defunct Ghana Drum and on Ghanaweb and other websites, will readily testify that I have no favorites. I was relentlessly critical of the NDC when it was the dominant party. Just ask Honorable Inusah Fuseini.

Well, if a government isn’t performing and meeting the expectations of the very people who put it in office, it ought to be called out, criticized endlessly until it changes course.

Need I say more, the NPP has bitten off more than it can chew. The sad truth is that it has set the nation on a disastrous financial course by borrowing massively from international lenders. Our national debt is now up to the sky.

Just take a look at our debt to GDP ratio and you will shed tears for Ghana; it is a sickening 70.5 percent. And our credit rating isn’t something you will write home about. It is a dismal 31 percent. Which in the long run means that when we borrow, the interest rates on our loans will be astronomically high.

And a sad reminder, recovery from our crippling debts will take generations of Ghanaians. To keep up with its grandiose campaign promises, the government has created programs that are money-guzzlers,  adding more to our already saturated debt burden.

We are drowning in debt yet the government seems indifferent to our plight; otherwise how does it explain the 1.2 billion dollars it has earmarked for a national identity card and the 178 million dollars contract to a foreign firm to monitor our communications?

And there are other numerous financial boondoggles time won’t allow me to mention. But you know the deal.

The long and short of it all is that this government spends money as if there is no tomorrow. The President has complained to whoever will listen that he met empty national coffers on the day of inauguration. Well, when he eventually leaves office, the coffers will be emptier.




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