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Gloating time for NPP supporters but they should apologize to Charlotte Osei, head of the Electoral Commission


Supporters of the NPP still are jubilant; suffice it to say that they are on Cloud Nine; they are euphoric, gloating and reveling in their sweet victory over their main rival, the NDC. Say it is party time in the NPP and you wont be off the mark.

There is absolutely no need to begrudge them their joy. They deserve every bit of it. Eight years in political purgatory will do that to you. Their victory is cathartic, and will help them exorcise the Mahama demons.

But then, you watch the celebrations and wonder: are these the same people who relentlessly complained that the elections will be stolen or rigged in favor of the ruling NDC?

Are these the same group of individuals who proclaimed high on the mountain top that the Electoral Commission was full of NDC appointees who were inclined to do their master’s bidding?

The one individual who suffered unceasingly at their hands is the head of the Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, who has proved her critics wrong with her competent conduct of the elections.

Her vilification began right after her appointment by the NDC government. She was scandalized, abused and condemned vehemently by members of the then leading opposition party, primarily by the likes of the insufferable Ken Agyepong.

She was accused, long before the elections was held, of being a government stooge and therefore, in all probability, was in a position to steal the elections for President John Mahama.

Through it all, no one in the NPP hierarchy thought it prudent to bring Agyepong and others to order for the sake of our democracy.

The leadership of the party, consciously allowed the charade to continue because of the inherent benefits; discredit the head of the EC long enough to ruin her reputation, and by extension the image of the government that put her in that position.

But her detractors were wrong; she did not orchestrate any rigging or stealing of votes to steer the NDC to victory. Instead, she presided over the most successful elections ever conducted in Ghana. And Ghanaians are better off because of that.

Now that Nana Akuffo Addo’s dream of becoming the chief executive of Ghana, has finally become a reality, will he render an unqualified apology to Mrs. Osei and the EC?

There is a saying that goes like this: “to the victor belongs the spoils.” Mr. Addo won the elections and thus has the power to do whatever he deems fit and in the supreme interest of the nation. There is therefore the distinct possibility that he would replace Mrs. Osei.

But before he wields the ax on Mrs. Osei, Mr. Addo should render an unqualified apology to her for the vile abuse and scorn poured on her by members of his party. Such a gesture will go a long way, doubtlessly, to heal the deep divisions his victory has created in the body politic.

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