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John Mahama’s political foes will not allow him to enjoy his post election induced “retirement.”


Former President, John Mahama can’t seem to get a break from his political opponents. Since his humbling defeat in the presidential elections last year, the drumbeat of criticism has not stopped; it continues unabated, and this time, with more vigor.

To assert that the NPP is obsessed with everything Mahama says or does as a private citizen is an understatement; the party just loves to pounce on the former president for every mishap, real or imagined.

So for instance, Mr. Mahama is blamed for Ghana’s still struggling economy: the SSNIT corruption scandal is his fault and has Mr. Mahama’s fingerprints written all over it, and now the Kenyan electoral debacle was his doing, too. Talk about piling on.

Leading the charge is the current President Akuffo Addo who at every opportunity does not hesitate to point an accusing finger at Mr. Mahama for saddling him with mountains of debt. Indeed, castigating the former president has become Mr. Addo’s s rallying cry.

And not to be outdone, the canterkerous Mr. Martin Amidu continues his personal feud with Mr. Mahama. He just does not give a damn about what he blurts out, does he that insufferable Amidu.

The Kenyan electoral impasse presented the political gadfly with the perfect opportunity to once again lace into his perennial foe, saying tartly that Mr. Mahama cynically advised Mr. Raila Odinga the opposition party candidate to resort to legal means if he felt the results of the elections were unfair.

As head of the Commonwealth Election Observer Team to Kenya, Mr. Mahama was charged with the responsibility of impartially observing the elections and writing a report.

There were other observer groups from the African Union and the Carter Center, led respectively by the former South African President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki and the former  United States foreign secretary, Mr. John Kerry.

At the conclusion of the elections, the observer teams declared the exercise, free, transparent, credible and fair.

The ensuing electoral dispute — Odinga’s declaration that the election was rigged —- could hardly have been predicted.

Surprising, too, was the decision by the Supreme Court of Kenya to annul the results of the elections.

But somehow, Amidu and others unbelievably managed to tie Mahama to the post election drama, pinning the rap on him for the Supreme Court’s stunning decision.

So what if he dispensed some advice. Mr. Amidu? It was in his capacity as leader of an observer team, and does not in anyway suggest that Mr. Mahama unduly interfered in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation.

And to make references to Mr. Mahama’s friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta is just petty and demonstrates the bitterness that is slowly eating up Mr. Amidu and the rest of the gang.

It is not so much the blame game that has the former president as the target —- that is part of the territory—political gamesmanship — rather, it is the rank hypocrisy of those Mahama bashers that grates me endlessly.

I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that long after his defeat in the 2016 elections, Mahama’s political foes will not allow him to enjoy his election induced retirement.

Of course, I harbor no illusions about Mahama’s critics putting an end to the political sniping. It will go on as long as Mahama remains part of the Ghanaian political landscape.

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