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Milk and Honey Promises, President Akuffo Addo Keeps Churning Them Out


President, Nana Akuffo Addo has one peculiarity that is endlessly irritating; it is his penchant for making milk and honey promises that he knows full well won’t see the light of day.

Yet, like clockwork, he keeps churning them out to the delight of his loyal supporters and well wishers but to the dismay and utter bafflement of his political opponents and casual observers of the Ghanaian political scene.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not by any stretch putting the president on the spot. But you will agree with me that politicians are living testimony to the fact that you can lie your way to the top. They make outrageous and ridiculous promises which they find difficult to fulfill once they achieve their ultimate goal —- attain their political nirvana.

The political animal that I am, I followed last year’s election campaign religiously, paying particular attention as it were, to the numerous promises that both then presidential candidate of the NPP and the NDC made as they zigzagged across the country canvassing for votes.

Nana and Mahama blurted out equally eye-popping promises. They told unsuspecting and gullible Ghanaians that the economic and financial paradise that they have long yearned for was just around the corner if only they would give them their votes.

Mahama crashed out apparently because his promises did not work any magic on the Ghanaian voter. Nana’s did, and since then he has gone on to issue more tantalizing promises.  Just last week, he was at it again; this time promising to grow our struggling economy by 9 percent next year.

By 9 percent? Unbelievable. That is a remarkably high number. It just goes to show how deluded the NPP is. If our economy was sound and clicking on all cylinders, then the prospects of attaining the 9 percent growth will be brighter, but the economy is in dire straits and there goes the 9 percent economic growth.

Growing an economy and sustaining it so that it benefits everyone is surely not an easy undertaking, a walk in the park. It requires maximum productivity at all levels, and even that is not a guarantee that you will be able to attain the target growth rate you dream of. I am wondering how the president is going to achieve this lofty goal.

Is he contemplating voodoo economics? Will Mr. Addo wave the magic wand, and then puff, all of sudden, the economic indicators will be pointing to solid economic growth accompanied by a precipitous decline in youth unemployment, a big jump in the export of our natural resources and getting paid well for them, an influx of foreign investors willing to help grow the economy, our manufacturing base finally efficient and productive and everybody will live happily ever after?

Why the president’s advisers continue to put him out there to say things, that to all intents and purposes, are not achievable in such a relatively short time beats me. I admire Mr. Addo’s zeal and enthusiasm, but will someone please whisper in his ear that he should come down to earth with all those grandiose promises?

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