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Nana Addo Wants Another 4 Years In Office; Clear Sign of Desperation.

Last week, President Nana Akuffo Addo made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to give him another term in office President. Another four years, Mr. Addo explained, would afford him the time and resources to finish what he had started.

The President’s rather pathetic request wasn’t in the least surprising. After all, the 2020 elections are just around the corner and Ghanaian politicians of every partisan persuasion are doing what they do best —- trying to convince skeptical Ghanaians that only if they are given another opportunity, they would fulfill their promises; they will make life a lot better for Ghanaians.

With all that said, the pertinent question that ought to be asked is this: Will the President’s plea find a warm reception among Ghanaian voters who are in no mood to countenance any more of Mr. Addo’s grandeur promises?

I doubt if the astute Ghanaian voters will give Nana and his party a second look. And the reason is crystal clear. They have been had, which is to say, they were lied to by the NPPIn its opposition days and desperate to win power, the party stopped at nothing to realize its goals.

It engaged in every imaginable political dirty trick including among other things, spreading falsehoods about its opponent and promising to turn around the economy which has performed poorly under the stewardship of Nana and his buddies.

Unemployment is still high with no prospects of getting better anytime soon and violence continues to haunt Ghanaians daily. And the rampant corruption which Nana has abjectly failed to curb is a turn off for Ghanaians.

Which all leads to the trust between the President and Ghanaian voters been irrevocably broken. Perhaps the President doesn’t realize that restoring the trust and confidence reposed in him when he comfortably won the 2016 elections will be a difficult climb.

Don’t get me wrong. Ultimately, President Addo has every right under the sun to canvass for votes; that is his constitutional prerogative. But the final arbiter, the one entity that will decide Mr. Addo’s fate is the Ghanaian voter who will have a binary choice next year; either to stick with the status quo and its dreadful implications —- continue to suffer financial indignities or go in a vastly different direction with a new political leadership.

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