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Dangerously Incompetent Madam Jean Mensa.

The Ghana Electoral Commission under the guidance of Madam Jean Mensa is irredeemably corrupt, and that is putting mildly; it is rotten to the core.

Appointed to head the commission after her predecessor, Madam Charlotte Osei was crudely and unfairly dismissed, Madam Mensa is clearly doing the bidding of the man who put her there. And there is abundant, irrefutable evidence to support this assertion.

Madam Mensa just does not inspire confidence in her ability to conduct a free and fair elections next year. Everything she says and does is suspect. Ghanaians don’t trust her one bit. Her pronouncements and actions belie her determination to see the elections go one particular way. To this end, she has put every imaginable obstacle in the way of parties that want to unseat the current administration.

Little wonder therefore that the secretary general of the NDC, Mr. Asiedu Nketia warned that every movement, utterance and action of hers will be scrutinized zealously.

And as if these shenanigans of Madam Mensa aren’t enough, she has done something so egregious it would only further divide an already polarized Ghana. She is the brains behind the recently created Eminent Advisory committee.

The committee is charged with advising the Electoral commission and to act as a buffer between Ghanaians and the Commission. As Madam Mensa described it, the committee will demystify the Electoral commission.

What is so mysterious about the Electoral Commission that it needs a committee of 22 Ghanaians to explain and clarify its goal and purpose to the rest of the country?  The most galling, actually, the most irritating aspect of the committee is that, its composition, its membership is not a reflection of the whole country.

None of the 22 so called eminent Ghanaians hails from the five regions of the north. Almost all of them are southerners. Now, those two members of the committee with Moslem names are not your typical northerners. They are not indigenes of any of the regions in the north. Their presence on the Committee is an insult. They are just token representatives and nothing more.

By the way, Madam Mensa ought to be reminded that the northern regions, much like the other regions, are full of eminent men and women, all of them highly educated, cultured, decent and patriotic. They love Ghana just like their southern counterparts.

The EC chairperson is dangerously incompetent. How does she explain away this oddity, this deliberate marginalization of northerners yet again? How does she expect northerners to trust the Electoral Commission and have confidence in its ability to hold free and fair election with this blatant tribalism?

The committee should be scraped immediately. Its creation is grossly unnecessary, a waste of tax-payers money, dangerous and anathema to all the democratic values we claim to hold so dear.


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