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Nana Says He is Working Hard to Ease Economic Pain. Okay Then, Mr. President

President Nana Akuffo Addo continues to sell a story that millions of Ghanaians are not buying and which they find very arrogant and agitating if not downright hilarious;

On Friday, Mr. Addo said without any pretensions, that he is working hard to make economic conditions better to ease their continuous financial pain. Well, that is a noble undertaking if there ever was one. And believe me, Ghanaians wish him well.

However, before the President gets going, there are certain timbers in his administration who are sabotaging his efforts, and the earlier he works hard to cut them down and eventually weed them out, the better his chances of dramatically changing the economy.

One such glaring example of saboteurs in the administration is Mr. Safo Marfo, the senior minister who in my estimation, is an albatross around Nana’s neck.

To date, nobody seems to have taken notice.  That this fact hasn’t yet dawned on the President and other officials is profoundly mystifying. You know what, let’s just assign it to collective amnesia.

As senior minister, Mr. Marfo is directly the source of all the economic policies that have impacted negatively on Ghanaians. He is a fiscal conservative whose ideas of fiscal management are outdated and no longer applicable in a fast changing modern world where governments have to spend more to generate economic activity.

This government, unfortunately, isn’t spending nearly enough as abundantly evidenced by the nation’s continuous economic struggle. The fact is, Mr. Marfo has hijacked the economic agenda of the country and is directing it to suit his own weird economic world view.

That the economy has failed since the NPP assumed power is largely because of the hideous policies Mr. Marfo has pushed albeit behind the scenes. It is not misplaced to assert that Mr. Marfo is the most hated politician in the nation bar none. He is a polarizing figure and that is a truism no one can dispute.

Against this background, and more importantly in the supreme interest of the nation, one would think Mr. Marfo would have seen it fit to stay in the background, in fact, to relegate himself to the periphery and avoid the limelight at all cost and let others with brilliant ideas run the national economy.  But no, Mr. Marfo is impulsive; he has presided over a failed economy and still occupies a position of tremendous importance.

As it stands now, Ghanaians desperately need leaders, unlike Mr. Marfo of course, who will project a vision of financial prosperity and judiciously guide the country to the economic paradise they yearn for.

Ultimately when it is all said and done, President Nana Akuffo Addo has a binary choice; either he gets rid of Mr. Marfo and embrace new ideas that will grow the economy, or retain him and see further erosion of public confidence in his ability to turn the economy around.






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