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NPP Searching For A Formula To Govern

It is becoming increasingly evident that the NPP is grappling to get a firm handle on governance. It is stumbling and falling all over the place, desperately trying to find the right formula for the country’s mounting ills.

But amid it all, President Nana Akuffo Dankwa Addo is having the time of his life. Like Nero the Roman Emperor who fiddled as Rome burnt, Nana seems oblivious to the challenges confronting millions of his countrymen and women.

He is enjoying the fruits of his long drawn out struggle to become the President of our wonderful country, a job he had craved all his life. And now that he got it, he is flaunting it like there is no tomorrow.

Nana has been so seduced by the trappings of power that he does whatever suits his whims without regard to what the Ghanaian public thinks, be it creating a huge cabinet, floating the idea of constructing a controversial place of worship, allowing a superpower to have a military base in the country, tinkering with our fragile education system, or sitting idly by as corruption and graft swirl around his administration and financial institutions implode under his watch…….Such is power, it corrupts absolutely.

Meanwhile Nana’s surrogates keep on peddling falsehoods with each passing day. Take the case of Gabby Otchere Darko, the hyper-partisan, consummate insider, political kingmaker and top NPP shogun who barely a fortnight ago shockingly acknowledged the truth that has been staring him in the face for the last 18 months —- that NoGhanaians were suffering massive economic and financial indignities and health-care anxieties.

Then out of the blue, he changes course and says the economy is doing extremely well and that the enemies of his uncle are just exaggerating reports to maximize political gain. Mr. Otchere is clearly a political opportunist. He goes where the wind blows, and his contrasting statements tell us who he really is—- a political creature.

Then there is the information minister designate, who boldly claims without any iota of evidence that the five banks that went belly up recently had actually collapsed during the NDC era. Nobody is buying this falsehood.

If the banks had collapsed, as he alleges, under Mahama’s supervision, all hell would have broken loose, given the tenacity of the NPP to relentlessly disparage and discredit its premier opponent with anything negative to score political points.

This is what is on public record and the young minister should not forget it; those five banks went under water because the NPP government remained aloof, detached as its boys plundered the scant savings of Ghanaian depositors.

It remains to be seen if the New Year, 2019, will bring a change in the way the NPP views Ghanaians. Will the party continue on its current ugly trajectory or do something drastic to make life bearable for all Ghanaians?

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