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1973 year group of Ghanasco donates to alma-mater


The 1973-year-group of the Ghana Senior High School (GHANASCO) who set an academic record that is yet to be broken by any other year group has advised students to bring back the past glory of the school.

The 73 year-group’s academic performance of the then Ghana College led to it being nick-named “the Space Center of Ghana.”

The  OGA as the group is known is therefore urging students to study hard to uplift the academic image of the school.

As part of their activities to mark their 50th anniversary, the ’73 class told the current students that what happens after their 3-year stay in the school are critical and students must respect the old students and their parents by taking their studies seriously.

The OGA 73 in their words of encouragement reminded the students that they are fortunate to have enough teachers for each subject unlike in 1973 when there were not chemistry and biology teachers and yet they had produced medical officers and engineers in the school’s history.

The OGA 73 who took turns to address the students after presenting science books, told the students that it was only A&B with less than 400 students.

Even with a small student population, the OGA 73 year-group was able to beat their arch-rivals TAMASCO and Bawku secondary in both academic and extra curriculum activities and such a spirit must continue. It admonished the students not to joke with their future.

Some of the ’73-year group who paid a courtesy call on their alma mater today were Mr. Ahmed Tijani Gomda, Mr.Musah Haruna Abdul Rashid, Mr. Yakubu Ibrahim known among his old folks as killer and Mr. Richard Alando.

The headmistress of GHANASCO Hajia Amina Musah on behalf of the school thanked the 1973 year group for the provision of learning materials to the students. She assured the books will be put to good use. However, she said water, an ICT laboratory and inadequate classrooms were major challenges facing the school.

She  appealed to other year groups to assist the school with an ICT laboratory.

“The students love ICT but no lab. When you appeal for computers and they come you don’t know where to put them,” she lamented.

On the classrooms, she said the school has improvised by converting its physics lab into a classroom because there are some ongoing projects which have defects and the school can’t allow students to use them.

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